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Sérgio e GisellaSomos um casal de Florianópolis que, durante dois meses, pedalou por 5 países europeus. Depois de quase 4000 Km percorridos, voltamos para casa com muitas fotos e histórias para contar.

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Cicloabraços, Sergio e Gisella.

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O Euro-no-Pedal é a realização de uma volta ciclística feita de mountain bike por 5 países europeus com duração aproximada de dois meses. Visitamos cerca de quarenta cidades, com um percurso médio de 4.000 Km sob as mais diversas e adversas situações, vivendo e vivenciando origens, costumes, condições sócio-econômicas e culturais de cada região.

O sucesso desse giro dependeu, obviamente, das condições climáticas, do esforço corporal, muscular e mental e do apoio e confiança de todos.

We are a couple from Florianópolis, south of Brazil and in 2002 we traveled by bicycle for the first time in a self guided tour across 5 European countries. We called the project EURO NO PEDAL, in Portuguese, short for “Europe by Pedal”. That’s where got the name for the web site. We stayed on the road for almost 3 months; camping and bike riding, a perfect sense of freedom... take a look at the PICTURES and the ITINERARY.

In 2006 we hit the rod again, this time to explore the exotic South American region of Patagonia (Chile and Argentina). From Mendoza, Argentina, we rode our bikes all the way to the End of the World: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, after a month and a half of beautiful scenery, deserted roads and wild campings. Ushuaia is a town in Argentina, where all the roads end and you can’t go further south neither by car nor by bike. It was a wonderful experience to see many UNESCO attractions and to be able to get there by bicycle. Check out the PICTURES and the ITINERARY.

Finally, our most recent tour was a loop around the mountain region of our home state, Santa Catarina. It was a short 10-day tour during the holydays, but with 5 mountain climbings! We even climbed (by bicycle, of course) the highest peak in the south of Brazil, the Morro da Igreja (Church Mountain). We have also posted the ITINERARY and the PICTURES here.

There’s no better way to travel than by bike. Whether you are new to touring and don’t know where to begin, are a seasoned touring enthusiastic, or are just looking for something cool to see as you fantasize about you next bicycle tour, we think you’ll dig our web-site and have lot’s of fun!!!
Quoting Ernest Hemingway, “it’s by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best”.

If you have any questions or comments, make sure to let us know by sending us an email to or you can also sign our guestbook! We are always ready to meet other adventurers!

Tail winds!
Gisella and Sergio

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